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#3 - Diplomacy meets Digitalisation

Ost-Ausschuss - Osteuropaverein is deeply involved in digital transformation issues. Among our twenty-nine partner countries a high dynamic developed in the previous years. Innovation Hubs rose and working successfully in almost every country. In lots of cases the public sector started initiatives to digitize services for citizens and companies.
Our third digital network format in cooperation with SAP SE and Giesecke+Devrient continues to look at the challenges facing governments in a digital era. This time we will discuss the question, how governments can make services more citizen centric and personalized, but ensure that identities are safely and reliably managed.

#3 - Diplomacy meets Digitalisation

8.30 – 10.00 am, 11th December 2019, Berlin

Ambassadors of all 29 partner countries are highly welcome to join the event and to use the opportunity to exchange views, project ideas and events to come with representatives of the association’s members and representatives of the German Federal Government and Members of Parliament.
Participation is possible by invitation only. For requests, please contact Mr Stefan Kägebein (S.Kaegebein@bdi.eu).

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